Descendants 3 premiere cancelled by Disney in memory of Cameroon Boyce

Disney cancels Descendants 3 premiere after the death of Cameroon Boyce
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Fans of Disney star Cameron Boyce are shocked after his sudden death. Also, his sister has finally decided to break her silence. Four days after his sudden death, it has been confirmed that he passed away while he was asleep.

However, his cause of death was still not clear as of Monday’s news. Reports say he was having an epileptic seizure. Likewise, his parents confirmed that he was battling with an ongoing medical condition.

Cameron Boyce’s Sister reveals the inside story of his demise

Cameron Boyce’s younger sister Maya has finally broken her silence following his brother’s untimely death. Recently, she shared a series of pictures of Cameron along with a message. She wrote that he was her best friend and his smile could brighten up a room.

Furthermore, she explained that he has done more in his 20 years of the career than anyone could have ever done with 100 years. Plus, she is completely shattered and devastated by his death.

Maya expressed her optimistic thoughts with the world. Lastly, she ended the post stating that the love of her brother was the most beautiful gift she could have ever received.

Disney cancels Descendants 3 red carpet premiere

Descendants 3 red carpet premiere got canceled after the sudden demise of Cameron Boyce. The film series was expected to release on July 22, 2019.

Moreover, the Studio stated that they are proud to be a part of Boyce’s legacy, but they have decided to cancel the ‘Descendants 3 red carpet premiere event. Instead, the company is planning to make a donation to the Thirst Project which Cameron was dedicated to.

Disney will take Boyce family’s permission to dedicate the telecast of ‘Descendants 3’ in the memory of Cameron Boyce.

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