Cameron Boyce cause of death still a mystery: Further investigation pending

Cameron Boyce's reason of death deferred: further investigation pending

As the inevitable death parts Disney star Cameron Boyce from us, each eye is numb with emotions. The 20 year old Disney actor died on Saturday afternoon at around 2:35 pm. Coroner, the Examiner of Los Angeles County Department reported during a press release that he was found unconscious. However, the cause of death has been deferred leading to further investigation.

Cameron Boyce death mystery begins!!

Cameron Boyce's reason of death deferred: further investigation pending

Boyce found dead
Source: Entertainment Tonight

Cameron Boyce was found dead in his North Hollywood home. The family spokesperson reported that the cause of death had been seizure caused by some medical-condition that he was facing. However, Sarah Ardalani, the Public Information Officer reported that cause of death has been deferred, causing further investigation in the matter.

The nature of investigation that shall proceed the case has not been disclosed. The ABC News which is a franchise of the Disney/ABC was told by Boyce family that he succumbed to a seizure. The family spokesperson said

He passed away in his sleep due to a seizure which was a result of an ongoing medical condition for which he was being treated.”

However, the autopsy reports seem to tell a different tale.

Boyce’s early life and journey

Cameron Boyce's reason of death deferred: further investigation pending

Jessie brought fame to Boyce
Source: Seventeen Magazine

Boyce is known for the role he played in the Disney Channel show “Jessie”. Jessie was a famous show whose story revolved around the life of a young girl who acted as nanny for a wealthy family. Cameron Boyce was one of the children she looked after.

As the news of Boyce’s demise spread his co-workers, friends and well-wishers took to social media so as to pay tribute to him. Victor Boyce, Cameron Boyce’s father acknowledged the outpour of condolence on Sunday.

He tweeted on Sunday, thanking people for their support and love. Saying that their support has been a great help in such time of need.

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