Can Team Sonic Racing in Switch surpass PS4


Team Sonic Racing has not yet arrived in the market. But, the review for the game post-launch has been live. So, those who are ready to buy the game over consoles like PS4 and Switch can take a look over the performance.

This article will cover the review of the game and most importantly, how the game performs in PS4 and Switch.

Can "Team Sonic Racing" in Switch surpass PS4


Team Sonic Racing – performance test in PS4 and Switch

GameXplain has been able to receive the switch copy of the game and was put to performance. However, the comparison involved two major consoles PS4 and Switch. The Switch had 30 fps and the PS4 Pro was stabled at 60 fps from their first iteration.

And for the Load time, the consoles were game dependent as what was being loaded. Sometimes, the switch was able to take a position or sometimes the other console.

So, the load time was preferably close for both the consoles. However, the switch was able to take most the first positions. The video below can be a surety of the testing done.

 Review and availability

The Team Sonic Racing is far behind the other kart racing game of the generation. However, it’s fun to play but it lacks the presentation in compared to the Mario Kart 8 deluxe. The Mario kart can probably at the top of all kart racing for the time being.

Meanwhile, checking the Team Sonic Racing rating before the official release is acclaimed positive. The game is all about team spirit if any players lack behind other players can boost him up online. Which would result in a thrilling race?

Excitingly, the soundtracks of the original score have been introduced which is fantastic. Most importantly, the story plotting has not been actually customized while the thrilling races are extremely good.

Can "Team Sonic Racing" in Switch surpass PS4

SOURCE: GameSpot

To sum up, Team Sonic Racing may not receive overall positive reviews but it’s not that bad. In addition, the title of the game is also not catchy, unlike the Mario Kart or other kart racing game. The winning strategy of the game is different and fans will do appreciate it.

The price of the game is titled at 39.99 US Dollars. However, if someone is into Sonic world, they can avail the game releasing on May 21, 2019.


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