Captain Marvel 2 will revolve around ‘The Secret Invasion’

Captain Marvel 2 plot, cast

After an amazing July with Far From Home, Marvel is used to tasting success. Planning for Marvel Phase 4 is already up and running.

Marvel has so much in the bag that they have to be very selective as the fan base is too active and deduces stuff pretty quickly. Same goes with Captain Marvel 2.

Spoiler Alert!

*Don’t read further if you have not seen Spiderman: Far From Home.

At the end of Far From Home, we had two amazing post-credit scenes. Probably the best of Marvel yet. Also, Far From Home was the first movie to not feature the legendary ‘Stan Lee Cameo’. The second Post Credit Scene took fans by surprise.


It included the Skrulls leader Talos as Nick Fury! Although Jon Watts confirmed that it was the real Nick Fury in all previous movies. We see Nick Fury on some space mission with an army of Skrulls. Thus, it can be established that Skrulls will be an integral part of Captain Marvel 2.

Captain Marvel 2 plot, cast and more ...

Captain Marvel’s first part focused more on the relations between ‘The Kree’, ‘Humans’ and ‘The Skrulls’. Reportedly the second part will focus on the Kree attacking Earth and trying to conquer it through a ‘Secret Invasion’.

However, no storyline is confirmed yet. Only the cast is mostly confirmed and Samuel L. Jackson will return as the Legendary Shield’s head ‘Nick Fury’. As Samuel already has a contract of 3 Marvel movies in his hand. It is pretty obvious that one is Spiderman 3 and the other is CM 2.

CM2 will further expand MCU in ‘Cosmic’ sense. Just like The Eternals and GOTG 3. Also, the term ‘Secret Invasion’ must’ve rung bells in the ears of Marvel comic fans as it is one of the best Marvel storylines.

Captain Marvel 2 plot, cast and more ...

Next week we have SDCC, and DC is not attending it so Marvel will have a lot in store for the fans.

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