Captain Marvel Sequel? Theories and More


Captain Marvel not only received an overwhelmingly positive response by the Marvel fans, but it also earned a whopping amount of $455 million worldwide in its opening weekend. And that’s a number that even the producers were not expecting (definitely in line with “higher, further and faster”).

The one inevitable question that’s clouding everyone’s mind is “will there be a captain Marvel 2?”.

For starters, sequels are a big hit with marvels. So there’s no reason why after tasting such a huge success with world wide audience, Marvel will not come up with its second part.

Also, casting an Academy award winner, Brie Larson for the role was definitely with a vision. And we hope she will charm us further in the sequels to come.

Will Captain Marvel appear on End Game:

The answer to this question is a definite yes.

In the movie we see how Captain Marvel aka Carol Danver leaves the tesseract on Earth with Goose and Nick Fury. Post which she flies back with the Skrull refugees to find a new home for them. At the fag end of the movie, she receives a distress call from Nick Fury, from Earth. She rushes back to earth and lands up at Avengers Facility, shortly after Thanos Decimation. Thereby confirming her presence in Avenger’s End Game.

Plot of Captain Marvel: Setting stage for sequel

There were several loose ends in the movie that sets up stage for the sequel. Carol has not only taken a task to find a new home for the Skrull refugees, but she also has to avenge the Kree Empire. In fact, Ronan the Accuser said he will come back for the weapon, hinting to Carol. Also, Jude Law’s Yon-Rogg who was sent back to Hala by Carol herself with a threat that she was coming for the Great Intelligence.

Also, we know that Ronan dies in Guardians of Galaxy Vol 1. So, if Ronan and Carol encounter each other again, it has to be Captain Marvel and then.

We can definitely expect some suit upgrades, based on the captain marvel post credit scenes.

A potential plot for the movie could also be on the adventures of Carol in the outer Space, before she joins the Avengers on Earth in End Game.

Release date for Captain Marvel 2:

Though nothing is confirmed yet, but who can stop us from making a calculated assumption.

What we do know is that Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios President specified in February that to avoid spoilers, Marvel would not announce any more movies until after Avengers: End Game and Spider Man: Far from Home. There certainly seems a change in the way Marvel was used to announce its movies: no more huge conferences.

We also know that Disney has blocked 9 dates specially for Marvel movies, between Avengers: End Game (26th April 2019) and July 29, 2022. So the calculated deduction based on the information would be that Captain Marvel would set its release date on May 6, 2022 or July 29, 2022.

Well, if the movie makers are listening, we are definitely waiting for the sequel.


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