Cartoon Network: 2 remade games are available in a bundle pack


Cartoon Network along with Outright Games have come up with an idea to launch its most famous games. The idea to bring two best games “Steven’s Universe – Save the Light” and “OK K.O – Lets Play Heroes” in a single bundle pack. Both the games will be available in a physical disc and retailed globally under various consoles.

Both the games were previously a part of cartoon network’s animated TV series. Meanwhile, it’s remade into a video game and is being sold as a bundle pack.

The games offer an extreme adventure journey along with new stories included. Moreover, the original creators of the game and brilliant voice have been added. In addition, fans favorite locations is not missed by the creators in this bundle pack.

More about the Cartoon Network bundle pack

Cartoon Network's 2 remade games are available in a bundle pack


Steven’s Universe – Save the Light

The action-adventure packed game involves Steven and Crystal Gems in a quest. The prism has been stolen by the homeland gem. However, the prism can be made into a powerful weapon that can make an army from the light. To save the light, players need to fight back in the greatest RPG game.


Individual players can team up with crystal gems along with Greg and Connie. Both of them have puzzle-solving and fusion abilities. In addition, players can opt for incredible fusion gems like Stevonnie, opal and many others.

Cartoon Network's 2 remade games are available in a bundle pack


OK K.O – Let’s Play Heroes

The animated series of the TV has been derived into a video game. Where a small K.O uses his abilities and powers to jump, slide along with powers to defeat Lord Boxman.

The story-line revolves around the Lakewood plaza which needs to be saved from maniacal robots. The game develops strategic gameplay to level up using power cards and unleash them to fight against the odds.


When players opt to play as K.O, varieties of powers are released like super moves and hero assists can also be redeemed. The voice has been given by fan favorite “Ian Jones – Quartey”. In addition, the Boxman army also has the ability to gear up along with punches, combos and extreme power moves.

However, both the games from cartoon network are action-packed. And they are available together in a single packed physical disc in retails.

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