Cartoon Network Website gets Defaced by Hackers

Cartoon Network Website gets Defaced by Hackers

Cartoon Network’s official website was hacked by some Brazilian hackers. This incident took place a week ago on which the official websites of Cartoon Network for almost 16 countries was muddled.

Cartoon Network website hack

The hackers took the website for playing some Arabic memes and a Brazilian male stripper. This video played for some time and the visuals were almost unreliable. Most of the hackers do such frolic acts to gain media attention.

The hackers got access to the address through website management platform, replacing the original content to unfiltered visuals. Brazilian male stripper, Ricardo Milos was one of them.

Cartoon Network Website gets Defaced by Hackers

Ricardo Milos on the official website of Cartoon Network
Source: Amino Apps

His sturdy approach to the video makes him an internet sensation now. It also included unworthy as well as funny memes and music. Milos is known for his erotic dance fashion along with the American flag thong.

Time and shutdowns

The hack took place on the 25th of April and was up to the website for around 3 days. Until the kids’ channel was notified the issue. The website is under technical maintenance and other videos are facing a problem to load. However, the IT team of the channel is now at work to mend the lope holes. All the websites are temporarily down and the IT team is also operating to revitalize the sites.

Cartoon Network formally admits that its sites of UK and Russia encountered this incident. The official websites of 16 countries have been defaced. These countries include Italy, Hungary, Africa – Middle East, Norway, Mexico, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Denmark, Russia, Germany, Romania, Turkey, Brazil and the UK.

Cartoon Network got defaced by Brazilian hackers

Cartoon Network Website gets defaced by hackers
Source: YouTube

Irresponsibility of websites

The hackers got access to the Pacific and Asia region but there is no official notification as of now.  It’s not unusual to get a report of sites being hacked. Recently, the official website of the Wall Street Journal was attacked by PewDiePie fans.  In April, a weather channel was knocked down to offline by a cyber attack. The real motive of these attacks is unknown. There are other cases that take place but it’s not always formally accepted.

It’s really unconventional that a kid broadcast channel is outraged by such unfiltered visuals.

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