Central Park 5 miniseries When They See Us currently streaming on Netflix

Central Park 5 miniseries "When They See Us" currently streaming on Netflix

We have some great news for all Netflix subscribers!!! Ava DuVernay’s When They See Us is available on Netflix now.

The filmmaker Ava DuVernay believes that the audience should be allowed to watch her brand new Central Park Five miniseries at her own pace. For each individual is uniquely different and works at an entirely different pace. Ergo forcing people to enjoy in a restricted manner is not very appreciable.

Central Park 5 miniseries "When They See Us" currently streaming on Netflix

CENTRAL PARK 5 miniseries
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“When They See Us” the Central Park 5 miniseries is now available on Netflix

The series is based on a true story. The four-part series When They See Us explores the lives of five black and Latino teenagers who are from Harlem. The series presents before us the gruesome truth of how they were forced to confess to rape. In which they never actually involved.

“ When You See Us” present on Netflix, brings out the dark side of our society that still holds prejudice in its heart against certain caste, creed and colour.

According to the filmmaker the viewing experience differs from person to person. Some people might feel a deep connection with the film due to their own past tragedies. Some might be shocked to see actually how dark the world is and how cruel its residents can be. While for some it might just be a series.

Ava DuVernay’s views about Netflix and When They See Us

The “Selma” filmmaker knows that many people might prefer to watch all five hours in one go. However, while for some breaks are a must. Netflix provides people with the luxury of working at their own pace and this thing is deeply appreciated by her. DuVernay said.

I shared it with a bunch of people and some people really need to take breaks after and some people want to power through,”

Central Park 5 miniseries "When They See Us" currently streaming on Netflix

When They See Us currently streaming on Netflix
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In this series, DuVernay has tried to blend crime drama with family drama. Two completely different aspects of life as they are, their combination is sure to be heart-wrenching as well as soul-stirring.

She truly hopes that series “When They See Us” which is currently streaming on Netflix will help to portrait and bring out a different side of the society. She even hopes that this series would be accepted and loved by the masses.

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