Chadwick Boseman as first Afro Samurai on the big screen

Boseman as first afro samurai on a big screen

Chadwick Boseman aka Black Panther will portray “Yasuke”. Yasuke, an African who served for a powerful daimyō (feudal lord) from Japan. He was the first African to serve as a Samurai in Japanese history.

Who was Yasuke?

Yasuke, landed in Japan in 1579, as a bodyguard and servant to Italian Jesuit Missionary. Alessandro Valignano then gave Yasuke to the Warlord as a gift. Oda Nobunaga introduced him to the swords of the Samurai.

He assumed that Yasuke’s skin was coloured and ordered him to scrub down the ink. Yasuke was so strong and terrifying that Oda released him and gave the rank of sword-bearer or guard.

Nobunaga was impressed by his strength and gave him the legendary Katana. Above all, the relationship grew into friendship and respect. Ultimately, Nobunaga turned him to a nobleman and offered the sword and the samurai title.

Akechi, a traitor from the same dynasty attacked Nobunaga in 1582. On the other hand, Nobunaga was forced to seppuku (suicide by disembowelment). Yasuke fought with the troops and consequently, captured by the Akechi troops.

Boseman as first afro samurai on a big screen

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Subsequently, Yasuke demanded to die with respect. Akechi spared his life and dismissed him as a samurai. He returned to the Jesist church in Kyoto and from there is no additional news about him.

After that, he became a hero. Further, he has portrayed in a children novel named “Kuro-suke”. He appeared in dramas, games and movies.  Manga comics also released a print named “Afro Samurai”.

Why Chadwick Boseman?

Netflix’s hit TV series Narcos’ co-creator is writing the script. Erik Feig will produce the movie under his Picturestart. This is along with De Luca production and Solipsist banner by L’heureux. Chadwick Boseman appeared in the Oscar award winning movie Black Panther.

Chadwick Boseman as first Afro Samurai on a big screen

Chadwick Boseman as first Afro Samurai on a big screen
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He had an outstanding role, making the movie a blockbuster. He will next star in a movie directed by Brian Kirk and produced by Russo brother. Chadwick Boseman will play an NYPD detective chasing after some cop killers and will uncover an unexpected conspiracy.

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