Chickenpox Outbreak: Teen who sued school for banning unvaccinated students acquired Chickenpox

Teen sued school for banning unvaccinated students – but now acquired with Chickenpox

Chickenpox outbreak has been a cause of worry for the entire nation. This week, after a Kentucky teen, sued his school for ordering unvaccinated students to stay at home, he has now come down with the chickenpox. The 18 year old, Jerome Kunkel was banned and was unable to play basketball due to ban, according to BBC.

He took legal action against his school claiming that the vaccine is immoral illegal and sinful. The judge rolled for the school and thus the attempt by the teen became unsuccessful. Whereas, the teen’s father is also against the vaccine. His father affirms the vaccines are derived from two fetuses which were aborted in the 1960s.

Teen sued school for banning unvaccinated students – but now acquired with Chickenpox

Jerome was banned from playing basketball, as a part of the ban
Source: BBC

Chickenpox outbreak: Religious beliefs

The church claimed that using the vaccines are morally justifiable in 2017. The religious belief didn’t let them down. However, they still want an alternative treatment to be developed. And this treatments should be without the use of those illicit cells.

On the other hand, Jerome’s father alleged that the government should not interfere. This is to what folks of the states put or inject in their bodies.

Importantly for pregnant women, newborns or people with medical promptness this could cause complication when exposed.

Jerome’s father Bill claimed, the symptoms appeared when his cousins arrived home with the virus. However, it had a minimum impact on his son. He rather tried to catch up with the school work that he had missed. The school then banned unvaccinated children. On being barred from the basketball team the team lost by one point in a playoff match.

chickenpox outbreak

Chickenpox Outbreak: Causes and measures

Chickenpox is also known as varicella. It’s most common among adolescents with almost eighty-five per cent getting affected by Varicella. More than 3.5 million cases of Varicella, around 100 deaths and 9000 hospitalizations are avoided each year in the US. Therefore, chickenpox outbreak is a major problem.

The symptoms arise with a rash turning to itchy fluid blisters. Firstly, the rashes show up on back, face and chest and further on the whole body. Above all, it also appears inside the mouth, genital and eyelids. Chicken Pox has an incubation period of 14 – 16 days.

In short, Varicella can be contagious but great measures are taking place. A drop of 85% has occurred between 2005-06 and 2013-14 when 2 dose vaccine was initiated.

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