Chris Evans Dating Rumours: Jennifer Aniston, Lily James Or Brie Larson; Who Is In The Captain America Star’s Life?

chris evans

Chris Evans is one of the many of Hollywood’s top Chrises. He has made a name for himself. As a result, is a tabloid magnet. Naturally, you come across many stories about his love life. Evans has previously dated Jessica Biel, Minka Kelly, and Jenny Slate, but he’s not dating anyone at the moment. However, there are quite a few stories about him doing rounds. Let’s take a look as to which of them are true and which are not.

Chris evans

Chris Evans And His String Of Beautiful Ladies

Jennifer Aniston

Reportedly, Jennifer Aniston was back on the dating scene and had numerous high-profile suitors. Chris Evans, Jared Leto, and Orlando Bloom were all allegedly competing for her affection. However, Aniston’s friends were pushing her towards Evans. But then Aniston thinks the age gap may be too much. A spokesperson for Aniston denied this silly narrative. Additionally, Aniston has said she “isn’t a fan of dating” because of all the media attention.

chris evans brie larson

Brie Larson

A Marvel love triangle is reportedly in works with Chris Evans and Michael B. Jordan competing for Brie Larson’s attention. Apparently, a lot of guys in the industry have been observing her. Both Evans and Jordan were allegedly jumping at the chance to take Brie on a date. However, the fact is Larson isn’t a prize to be won. A spokesperson for Larson affirmed on the record that this story was made up. Larson has worked with both actors outside of Marvel before, and they’re just friends.

Margaret Qualley

Rumour has it that the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star Margaret Qualley was majorly crushing on Evans at the Golden Globes after party. Qualley was apparently looking for a rebound after splitting up from Pete Davidson. And she was supposedly being “very flirty” with Evans. A source close to Qualley confirmed that there’s “zero truth” to any of the claims.

Chris evans lily james

Lily James

Evans and Lily James were spotted out and about a handful of times last autumn. Hence, tabloids automatically claimed they were dating. Word is that the two had known each other for a while since they hang in the same social circle and just happened to find themselves both single at the same time. James was then spotted kissing The Wire star Dominic West, which put this rumor to bed. James has now confirmed a relationship between herself and Michael Shuman of Queen of the Stone Age.

Jenny Slate Pregnancy

Evans and Jenny Slate were together for about two years before ending things in 2018. However, word is that Evans never got over the breakup. When Slate announced that she was expecting a baby with Ben Shattuck, Evans was allegedly crushed. But we all know by now that tabloids simply make things up as they go.

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