Chris Hemsworth wants brother Liam to work with Nicole Kidman for Career Boost


Chris Hemsworth and his brother Liam are very popular in the Hollywood. But one source claimed that they both wanted to be more popular in the industry by working with the queen of industry, Nicole Kidman.

A source recently published an article with the title that read, “Nicole’s secret meeting with the Hemsworth brothers!”


The entire article claimed that the brothers are eager to work on their first project with Nicole Kidman.

The source said,

Liam and Chris feel that starring in a film with Nicole Kidman would be skyrocket their careers-especially Liam’s which has been rather slow lately – into the stratosphere.

Keith Urban’s reaction about Nicole’s working with the Hemsworth brothers

The source claimed that Keith Urban looked disordered when he landed in Ballina Byron Gateway Airport.

The same source claimed that the star sometimes doesn’t realize what’s right for her. The same source added,

He’s indicate he’s not happy about her working with them, but his concerns will fall on deaf ears.

Moreover, Keith was worried as Chris’s wife, Elsa Pataky, is known for throwing epic parties. He avoids such parties due to his addiction history, Nicole does the same.

The insider said,

Liam and Chris are just hoping to set up an innocent.

Rumors busted

However, one should not believe these claims made by unreliable sources. The source claimed that the brothers were organizing a friendly lunch to welcome the queen of Hollywood.

Also, Chris has already fixed his place in the heart of his fans. His latest Netflix web series was a big hit and scored a sequel.

On the other hand, Liam was part of Quibi’s web series Most Dangerous Game that was released in May. This could be another vague comment by the sources as the three have not commented on it.

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