Chrome 76 update won’t allow other websites to track during incognito mode

Chrome 76 update won't allow other websites to track during incognito mode

Tech giant, Google is releasing another update for its subsidiary product Chrome. The latest Chrome 76 will fix all the loopholes concerning incognito mode. The Chrome browser will now not allow a website to track the user during the incognito mode.

The update will reach users on July 30. Besides, the flash player will also become a default for most of the website. According to reports, by 2021, Google stop supporting flash player on the browser. However, the flash player may only be available as a click-to-play mode.

Chrome 76 update won't allow other websites to track during incognito mode

Fix loopholes for tracking the user in incognito mode
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Chrome 76 will automatically adjust with OS dark mode

First of all, this update will block websites to track the user during an incognito mode. During incognito mode, Chrome doesn’t support to save user history. In the meantime, private browsing is visible to the websites and the ISP while a user visits.

Google will mend this loophole through the much-awaited update. Another major update for Chrome 76 is letting go of the flash player. From 2021, Chrome will not support; rather block it from every website. The browser will automatically support dark mode for all websites. If the dark mode is kept on by the OS then the browser will easily switch to that mode for all of its running websites.

The new update blocks flash player by default

The fourth update is about tracking a user’s browsing habits. With this users can clear notification with ease. Unlike before, a clear-all button triggers to erase every notification without scrolling down.

And the button is moved at the top for customer’s frequency to clear notification. However, users will get information about every extension and their features.

Chrome 76 update won't allow other websites to track during incognito mode

Default dark mode for every website
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Another basic update is for the browser’s Omnibox. There will be the install button shortcut for web apps on the right side of Omnibox. The update is live right now and can be downloaded from the Chrome browser.

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