Cloudflare blames ‘bad software’ deployment for today’s outage

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Cloudflare is holding bad software deployment responsible for major outages on Tuesday. Are your experiencing 502 Bad Gateway since morning? Then, you are not alone.

Recently, Cloudflare has been experiencing outages since Tuesday morning. Due to that, various sites are not running properly. As a matter of fact, the System Status page of the company that usually collects global incidents reads like an exhaustive list of every major city around the globe.

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Cloudflare is still working on the issue

Cloudflare has realized the major issue. Moreover, it seems like they are working on it to fix it as soon as possible. Recently, the company stated that they are looking forward to addressing the problems.

Currently, they are monitoring the results and they will update the status once the problem is resolved. The issue has affected a wide range of the network. The team will update once they get to the bottom.

The company has restored the traffic and they are positive about restoring all the services globally. We can expect more details from them in a few days.

Update from CEO and co-founder Matthew Prince

Matthew Prince has recently given some insight about this matter. He stated that the major outage was caused by a massive spike in CPU usage. Due to that, the backup and the primary systems dropped.

However, they have no evidence about what attacked the services. Besides, the company is blaming Shut down service for CPU spike. Plus, they are hoping for things to get back to normal.

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