Colin Kaepernick and Nike controversial ad makes it to Emmy Awards

Colin Kaepernick, Nike commercial makes it to Emmy Awards nominations

Ever since Emmy Awards nominations are out, news and media is flooded with its news. Internet is being scanned to know who all made it to the list. One such worthy deserver of the nomination who succeeded in capturing a position is NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Well, do you know the category he is nominated for?? It’s the Outstanding commercial.

Colin Kaepernick is in Emmy awards nomination

The quarterback was announced as the face of the “Just Do It” campaign of Nike last September. However, the decision turned into a setback due to his previous controversial acts. His 2016 decision of kneeling down during the national anthem at the NFL games is something that cannot be easily forgiven.

Colin Kaepernick, Nike commercial makes it to Emmy Awards nominations

Just do it
Source: Entrepreneur

However, Colin Kaepernick always justified his action saying what he did is an effort to protest against racial injustice. The theory of sales drop that threatened most staff and employees, however, turned out to be false. The company reported a spike of 31 percent in the sales which were far more than the mere 17 percent that they received last year during that season.

All about the Emmy nominated ad!

The ad for which he is nominated is dubbed as the Dream Crazy. In one of the lines of the commercial, he requests the viewers to firmly believe in something, even when it costs them every-other thing.

Colin Kaepernick, Nike commercial makes it to Emmy Awards nominations

The epic line!!
Source: Ad Age

Dream Crazy commercial even features LeBron James, Shaquem Alphonson Griffin and Serena Williams and obviously Colin Kaepernick. The advertisement basically highlights the life of people who wish and aspire to reach beyond the sky of athleticism. Ones who crave to be the best in the whole of the world, in what they do.

The Emmy Award nomination for 2019 outstanding commercial also encases the impressive ads made by Netflix, iPhone XS as well as one from Apple. Well the competition is tough and any-one can grab the actual award.

Let’s see who gets the award??

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