Coming to America Sequel: Akon urges Murphy to cast real Africans

Coming to America: Updates on the Sequel

After all the encouragement and advice, Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall will dive into the sequel of “Coming to America”.

Akon also said that he will even be gladder if he finds some budding talents from his motherland as well. He also said that this is one of the perfect time to get this on the way. This is so because both the leads were just fitted by the Oscar-winning designer named Ruth Carter.

Akon on Coming to America Sequel

According to the statement of Akon, Eddie and the whole group must choose to cast some real black people. They must have their longing from Ghana. There are many African comedian and actors who can just fit in this role.

Akon also says this attempt can also gross well in the box office. Thus, this is the view of the great personality about the sequel.

Coming to America: Updates on the Sequel

Coming to America is a romantic movie and is a comedy as well. This is the story of the lifestyle of an African. Coming to America is one of the best movies which have touched the hearts of many. The comic time and romance can let the fans can go crazy.

In the predecessor of the upcoming sequel, an African and a man seeks the love of a woman who is independent in all aspects.

The woman also loves the man for whom he is. The movie has successfully set the fans to a crazy level of excitement. The RomCom sequel is now about to be prepared and African actor will be the lead cast for sure.

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