All Conjuring movies ranked and reviewed

An unbiased ranking of all The Conjuring films

Who doesn’t like a good horror film? Even though most people tend to jump like scared cats all night after a good dose of horror but it never stopped anybody from repeating the experience. Well, whenever the name of horror films come up the name Conjuring is bound to appear in that sentence.

The two most terrifying Conjuring Films

An unbiased ranking of all The Conjuring films

“The Conjuring 2” (2016)
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The Conjuring universe has time and again provided us with horror movies that often ended-up stealing out night-sleep. Whether it be The Nun or the extremely creepy Annabelle are succeeded in stealing our hearts and dreams.

Headed by James Wan, The Conjuring films acts as the horror version of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, to be honest, it has all the ingredients needed to make a worthy horror film. Star-crossed characters who are connected by their horrifying past, scary dolls and lovely all-knowing couple.

Well, here is a rating of all The Conjuring Films.

The first position is secured by non-other than the most horrifying film that is The Conjuring 2. Released in 2016, the sequel of The Conjuring wins the race by only a few points. The film presses the vein of religion just like The Exorcist. Based on real-life cases the film definitely gives goose-bumps to all its viewers.

An unbiased ranking of all The Conjuring films

The Conjuring 2 is the most terrifying of all
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The second position is captured by The Conjuring which was released in the year 2013. The first Conjuring film was a super hit. The story revolved around the life of The Warrens who has recently purchased a farmhouse. Well, what really stole the show was the wonderful sound-effects and camera angles coupled with a good story-line.

Order of the remaining films

The third is the recently released Annabelle Comes Home. The movie came out this year itself and focused its attention on Judy. The movie is not for light-hearted people. Fourth comes Annabelle: Creation released in 2017. It portrays the real story of Annabelle who has haunted many people’s dream.

5th place is secured by The Curse of La Llorona which also released this very year. it shows its connection with the rest of The Conjuring is small glance like clips. It is the tale of a widow and its kids who are plagued by Supernatural entity. Well, the film is definitely worth a watch.

An unbiased ranking of all The Conjuring films

The Cures of La Llorona
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Annabelle claims the sixth spot. Released in the year 2014 it was the first in Annabelle series.  Last but not least, the seventh and last rank goes to The Nun. Set in 1950 it is the story of an evil Nun.

So those who are planning to see a horror film tonight you can take a pick from here. Based on what degree of terror you are able to confront without losing your conscience.

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