Coronavirus Spread: Guidelines for Using Face Mask and other Measures to Prevent Virus Infection

Coronavirus Spread Guidelines for Using Face Mask and other Measures to Prevent Virus Infection

Coronavirus outbreak has taken over the whole world and the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared it an international public health emergency. More than 10,000 cases on novel coronavirus have already been seen across 23 countries with the death toll reaching 213 around the globe. The center of this epidemic is the Wuhan City of China and the virus is rapidly spreading from person to person across the whole world and even people with no symptoms are included in infection cause.

It is why there has been a shortage of face masks across the US, Australia and mainly China for stopping Coronavirus infection. Normal people are now worried over the spread of coronavirus and wondering whether they should cover their faces with any sort of clothes or mask. Here are the most important guidelines regarding the coronavirus face masks and ways to stop the disease from spreading around you.

Should we use Face Mask to Prevent Coronavirus Infection?

Should we use Face Mask to Prevent Coronavirus Infection

Face masks are important in any type of outbreak and coronavirus is spreading rapidly and have already infected thousands of people. However, the use of a face mask is advisable in only highly infected areas such as Airports and railway stations and mainly usable for health workers and doctors.

The countries where coronavirus is not that widespread and only have a few cases of isolated incidents in hospitals, there is no need for unnecessary purchase face masks and create a shortage of the same for other emergencies. As for the highly infected areas, here are the basic guidelines on wearing a coronavirus face mask.

Coronavirus Face Mask Guidelines

Coronavirus Face Mask Guidelines

  • Make sure that the face masks provided a seal around your face and does the filtration of airborne particles, not allowing any sort of infection.
  • Make sure your face mask is the right way round and there is no scope of air leakage from the sides.
  • Use a disposable respirator if possible as they reduce infection and filter out 95% of the airborne particles.
  • Don’t use any scarf, handkerchief or home-made masks as they might not prevent the coronavirus infection.
  • Stop other forms of infection such as touch, food, and water, and make sure to wash your hands properly after touching anything.

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