Corsa-E Electric Vehicle, Tesla Model 3 to get new rival


Elon Musk’s new Tesla model 3 is considered as one of the company’s most popular vehicles. The model is the best selling luxury car model of 2018. Apart, from this, the model has also contributed to the exceptional sales of the company last year. But now Corsa-E is going to get launched by Opel.

Tesla model 3 to gets new rival electric vehicle Corsa-e

The Tesla model 3 also has many rivals since the time it was released in the market. These rivals include Nissan’s Leaf, Hyundai Kona Electric and Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle. But among all these, the Tesla model 3 has become one of the strongest electric vehicles in the market.

In addition to these companies, another rival company of Tesla in the area of electric vehicles is Vauxhall. The automobile brand Vauxhall along with its sister company Open can bring a new electric vehicle model. The company has introduced the electric version of the company’s Corsa via the Corsa-e.

The Corsa-E model can cover a distance of 205 miles on a full charge

The Corsa-E will have a battery that can power 50kWh. This means that on a full charge the car can cover a range of 205 miles. However, this range is small than the Tesla Model 3 that has a range of 220-mile. The Corsa-e can provide three driving modes Eco, Normal and sport mode.

Apart from this, the car can move from 0 to 50 kph in just 2.8 seconds. And it takes 8.1 seconds to move from zero to 100 kph. Follow for more amazing updates.

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