Cure for HIV/AIDS: Cuba makes a Breakthrough, NIH and Gate Foundation will Donate for Future Research

Cure for HIVAIDS Cuba makes a Breakthrough, NIH and Gate Foundation will Donate for Future Research

Cure for HIV/AIDS is under development and research and based on the technical advancement, it can be out soon and we are getting to an actual solution. Cuba has made a huge breakthrough in the field and its HIV/AIDS vaccine project has shown positive results.

As organizations like NIH and Gates and Melinda Foundation has announced, they will provide funding and donation for future research and testing. The Cuba research facility can enter the second stage of development and testing, which brings us closer to a complete cure for HIV and AIDS.

Teravac-HIV Vaccine to End the Epidemic

Teravac-HIV Vaccine to End the Epidemic

Cuba has been working on its HIV/AIDS vaccine project called ‘Teravac-HIV’ by its scientists in the preclinical studies. The research uses lab animals and 20 human volunteers for the project and as per the heads of the group, the results are positive and in favor of the objective. There was no side-effects or harmful reaction to any of the humans of lab animals in the HIV vaccine-related experiment.

Terevac-HIV has the main objective where an anti-HIV response is induced in the body at a cellular level. The main aim of the research is to make the lives easier for the patients who are already diagnosed and living through a functional cure.

Enrique Iglesias (not to be confused with the Spanish singer) is the principal project specialist for Teravac-HIV, explained that Cuba has fewer cases of HIV/AIDS but still a high resistance to antiretroviral medicines used as a temporary cure. Iglesias also went on to say that, “therapeutic vaccines could contribute to the management of the epidemic.”

Gate Foundation and NIH Funding to Help in Future Research

Gate Foundation and NIH Funding to Help in Future Research 

Gates and Melinda Foundation along with HIV have already provided funding to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle for the research is finding a cure for HIV and AIDS. Cuba will also now receive the same as both the organization have pledged to donate $100 million each for the cause.

The scientists from Cuba research beleives that the virus can be scrubbed out from the infected person’s body by inserting protective genes in their blood stream. Once the research sees further development, the next step will be to realize it into a vaccine and distribute it around the whole world.

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