Cure for HIV/AIDS: Discovery of New HIV Strain can lead to the Permanent Cure

Cure for HIV AIDS Discovery of New HIV Strain can lead to the Permanent Cure

Cure for HIV and AIDS is under research but the latest discovery of a new HIV strain has shocked the entire world. The new rare strain of HIV is making headlines over the medical news and people are confused about its impact on the epidemic. The team of US researchers from Abbott announced the new discovery which has been published in the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

HIV has different subtypes like the regular virus but the new strain doesn’t mean we have to be worried. The discovery is important but it is so rare and can be treated using the existing antiretroviral treatments. But the new viral strain is enough for the world to realize that HIV is a very serious threat which should be taken as an emergency epidemic and find a permanent cure soon.

HIV Viral Strain and its Importance

HIV Viral Strain and its Importance

HIV has two main types, HIV-1 which is the most common and HIV-2 which is very less common and accounts only for fewer infections. HIV-1 strains are classified into four groups – M, N, O and P. While N, O and P are not that common, group M is mainly responsible for most of the global HIV epidemic worldwide, causing around 95 percent of the total cases.

The recently discovered HIV strain is known as a clade which is a part of group M and has been labeled as “subtype L”. If we think from the POV of Scientists, the new discovery will help us stay one step ahead of the virus. The advancement in molecular virology shows that we have progressed in the medical field and are getting closer to understand HIV infection fully.

HIV has to be taken as an Emergency Epidemic

HIV has to be taken as an Emergency Epidemic

Many people believe that HIV is not an emergency and hence should not be taken seriously is the main reason why we still don’t have a permanent cure or solution to the disease. The research work of scientists and doctors needs full support so that they can prevent HIV infection and the stigma surrounding it.

The HIV epidemic needs proper attention, and work is done to create a vaccine and a working cure for HIV all over the world. The new viral strain should send out a message to the world that HIV is dangerous and everyone must work together to end it.

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