Cure for HIV-AIDS: HIV Rebounds Rapidly Once Treatments are Paused

Cure for HIV-AIDS HIV Rebounds Rapidly in Semen once the Treatments are Paused

Cure for HIV/AIDS has to be permanent as the regular medications treatments just put a pause to the virus and don’t end the disease. In a recent study, HIV infected people who were receiving antiretroviral (ARV) treatments were put off the ARVs for some time and it was observed that the virus was rapidly rebounding in their semen.

The study was published in a French journal where HIV vaccine trials were conducted on analytical treatment interruption (ATI), a break in ARV therapy and to find the risk of virus transmission through sex. The case study was published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases and HIV was transmitted to their female partners through the exchange of semen.

HIV Secondary Transmission Study Reports

HIV Secondary Transmission Study Reports 

HIV infection can transmit through a secondary medium even if the viral rebounding is very low. There is a huge risk in HIV infected people who have given up protective sex and have also stopped treatment for viral suppression.

The study was conducted on 10 random male participants who were on ARV 18 months before the trials and put through an ATI for 12 weeks and their viral load in the blood plasma was measured at the end. At the beginning of ATI, all the participants had a viral load below 20 but it rebounded to 1400 after a few weeks. It should be noted that a viral load above 1500 in the semen can easily transmit HIV and is considered to be very risky.

HIV Rebounds by Semen and Possible Cure

HIV Rebounds by Semen and Possible Cure

HIV infection through semen is one of the biggest causes of spreading the virus and various attempts are made to stop the transmission. One of the most prevalent ways is to use protection like condoms so that the semen transmission and exchange of viral loads can be prevented.

Once ATI is started, HIV is rebounded rapidly in semen and it has created some huge issues for the HIV cure and HIV vaccine trials. It means until HIV treatment is complete, infected patients have to prevent unprotected sex and semen exchange to stop the viral rebound.

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