Cure for HIV/AIDS possible via CAR-T technology: Do We Finally Have a Complete Cure?

hiv aids cure 2019

Cure for HIV/AIDS is the need of the hour especially when taken into consideration the destruction this epidemic has been causing. Approximately 37.9 million people are currently living with HIV, and tens of millions of people have died of AIDS-related causes. What is even more shocking is that AIDS is spreading at a rate much faster than was predicted in 2000 global census.

How Does This Technology Work?

A team of Gladstone Scientists along with their partners at Xyphos Biosciences Inc have added to the recent line of developments for the cure for HIV/AIDS. The team has developed a method by which the virus-infected cells can be attacked. They use the recently developed CAR-T technology.

The latest update version of this CAR-T technology has been effective in curing blood cancer.

hiv aids cure 2019 CAR-T technology

Cure for HIV/AIDS via CAR-T technology

A  type of immune cell known as Cytotoxic T cells is being used by the CAR-T technology. These cells are capable of carrying antibodies of a particular type on their surfaces. It is because of these antibodies the Cytotoxic T cells stick to their respective targets. And then they can easily destroy their targets.

However, the complications can be understood with the fact that to kill each HIV cell a CAR-T cell would be required. This makes the entire process expensive as well time taking. Convertible CAR-T cell is what is going to overcome the two shortcomings. It has the capability of combining with several cells, which would then speed up the entire process and could be achieved at a comparatively low cost.

hiv aids cure 2019 CAR-T technology

This technology has brought a ray of hope for not just HIV/AIDS patients but also for their friends and family.

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