Cure for HIV/AIDS: Trump Administration Plans to Provide HIV Prevention Drug for Free

Cure for HIV AIDS Trump Administration Plans to Provide HIV Prevention Drug for Free

Cure for HIV and AIDS is something that every government should prioritize and with the US Presidential Elections coming, the Trump administration has also jumped the bandwagon. The Trump administration shared details on how they will distribute HIV prevention drugs and what are their future plans to deal with the epidemic.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP drugs are something that can prevent the transmission of HIV infection but their price is so high that not everyone can afford them. It is why Donald Trump has promised to provide PrEP drugs for free and end HIV/AIDS in America very soon.

President Trump want to End HIV Epidemic in America

President Trump want to End HIV Epidemic in America

Donald Trump understands the importance of his voters and will do anything in his power to win the second term elections and become President for another four years at the White House. There are around 1.2 million people living in the United States and only 18% out of them have access to PrEP drugs.

It is not just about providing the medicines, there needs to be a broader goal which involves spreading awareness, regular test and treating HIV infected people with respect and care. The program by Trump is part of a larger federal initiative where the aim to reduce the number of HIV infected patients and bring the whole situation under control.

PrEP Drugs to Stop HIV Transmission

PrEP Drugs to Stop HIV Transmission

The current cost for 30 to 60 day dose of PrEP medicine bottle is around $200 and the plan is to bring it down and make it free for those can’t afford it at all. Trump promises to also built a distribution system and is in touch with the major pharmacy chains. PrEP drugs can stop the transmission of HIV even if someone have sex with an infected person if taken with 2-3 days.

The plan is to provided PrEP for free to HIV negative persons and for that they need to get HIV test done. In this the number of people showing up for HIV test will also increase, which is one of the first step required to cure HIV and AIDS.

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