Riverdale Season 4 release date and more announced by CW

Riverdale Season 4 release date and more announced by CW

Riverdale is coming back with its season 4 is going to premiere on CW on 9th October 2019. Only a few more months of wait for all Riverdale fans. CW announced a complete list of premiere dates for all the shows coming this year.

Riverdale Season 4 release date and more announced by CW

Riverdale season 4 is coming
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Riverdale season 4 is coming this fall: CW confirmed it

Riverdale season 4 is going to hit the small screen on Wednesday, 9th October 2019. The time slot of season 4 remains unchanged. Well, to be honest, it was one of the best-result providing show in 8 pm time slot on Wednesday. So CW definitely has no intentions of changing it.

US viewers have an advantage over the rest of the Riverdale lovers. They can view the series beginning on 9th October on CW. Whereas Netflix viewers who don’t live in the US will get their first glimpse on 10th October.

Netflix adds new episodes of the series a day after it is aired, though it does so only in places outside the US. So the most popular season of Riverdale asks for some patients from its non-US resident viewers. Riverdale season 4 has turned out to be the most hyped season of all.

CW announces Riverdale's 4th seasons release date

Season 4 coming this fall
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The show was never this popular, but the addition of this season to the series definitely brought some not so subtle popularity. Reason of this newly added excitement is the ending of season 3. Last seasons end gave birth to some big questions about the new one.

This might be the most popular season

The last season ended with a glimpse of the spring break of Senior year. Though the future of some of the characters is quite dark like a winter night. CW did not announce the total number of the episode that this season will hold.

However, speculations are that it will have a total of 22 episodes like its older brothers. If this new addition to the Riverdale family follows the legacy set by the older seasons then many unannounced conclusions can be drawn.

Such the end of the season might be in mid-May of the year 2020.

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