Daniel Amofah a.k.a Etika, famous YouTuber died at the young age of 29

Daniel Amofah

Life is just a journey, which will inevitably end. However each time a loved one is lost, tears show that in our hearts that person shall always remain. Daniel Desmond Amofah, the popular YouTube star has died at the young age of 29.

Daniel Desmond Amofah is no more

Etika, The famous YouTube star died at the young age of 29

Etika has left his earthly abode.

On Tuesday, The New York Police Department announced that the body found by some of its officers on 24th June has been identified as Daniel’s. Popularly known as Etika, the gaming blogger had more than 800,000 followers on YouTube. Etika was missing since 19th June.

His belongings were found after he posted a frightening video on his secondary YouTube channel. The video was titled “I’m Sorry” and in it, Etika talked about his mental health while strolling the streets of Manhattan.

This was not the first time he showed his pain to the world. In the past eight months, many similar tweets and videos have come out. The New York Police Department is still investigating the case of Daniel Amofah’s unexpected death.

Amofah appeared to be experiencing some kind of mental illness. He had been posting videos which subtly hinted towards suicide since last fall. Etika was reported to have uploaded pornography in the month of October last year.

He uploaded the pornographic video on his primary YouTube channel, audaciously disregarding the policies of YouTube. The content as expected was deleted from the channel however it did not end there.

This event was followed by another video post of Etika in which he clearly showed signs of mental illness. He even posted umpteen messages on the internet and other social media sites which alarmed his fans immensely.

Etika was showing symptoms of mental diseases

Etika, The famous YouTube star died at the young age of 29

NYPD confirmed Daniel’s death
Source: Sky News

His suicidal though-covering videos continued to appear on Reddit and Twitter. Etika was even banned from Twitch, the popular live-streaming platform. He worked as an active creator there, however, got fired after he posted a homophobic and anti-Semitic content.

The ban took a great toll on him and he was found threatening self-harm. Amofah became a member of YouTube in the year 2012. He garnered his fame posting humour-filled game-reaction related videos. Daniel has even worked as a model before YouTube changed his life.

Well, he once talked about being consumed by the communities of the internet. About how he pushed away whatever support he had. Advising people to let his tale be one of caution telling how social media gives you a world which appears to be better.

Etika’s friends and well-wishers worried about his state often. However, in the end, all endeavours failed.

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