Danny Trejo rescues child from an overturned SUV in Los Angeles

Danny Trejo rescues child from SUV in Los Angeles

Danny Trejo was spot on with his place and time as he saved a young child from an accident because of an overturned SUV. The Machete actor was present at the perfect place when two vehicles crashed on a Wednesday afternoon. The reports were from the sources of CBS Los Angeles Reports.

Actor Trejo becomes the lifesaver

Danny Trejo rescues child from SUV in Los Angeles

The 75 year old was in the neighborhood of Sylmar when the incident took place. The SUV flipped over with grandma and her grandson both inside. Trejo witnessing this tried to help the woman, but she focused on getting her grandson to safety first, as per Trejo.

The actor then managed to reach the grandson stuck in the seat buckle just out of grasp. Fortunately a female bystander, Monica Jackson managed to unbuckle the child and Trejo could drag the child out of danger. The next task of the actor was to distract the child until his grandmother was pulled out safely.

Danny Trejo happy to lend a helping hand

Danny Trejo rescues child from SUV in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles fire department passed info that three people were in hospital with no life-threatening injuries. The cause of the crash was found out later by the surveillance video which shows one vehicle running a red light. This was revealed when the Los Angeles Police department conducted the investigation.

The only reason that saved the child was the car seat, Danny Trejo said. “Honest to God”. Although the actor Danny Trejo was quite happy to be at the place at the opportune time. He just felt great that the Lord had put him in the right spot to do whatever helpful the actor could do.

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