Dark Pictures Anthology is planning to release 8 games starting with Man of Medan

The Dark Pictures Anthology is planning for 8 games

Whoa! Surprise Surprise, Dark Pictures Anthology is well on their way to release not one-two but a total of 8 games. Man of Medan is the first in the series of the games and is expected to be released in August. The plan is to release 8 games with 2 games every year.

Good news for all the gamers:

The Dark Pictures Anthology is planning for 8 games

Dark Pictures Anthology is a subordinate of the Until Dawn developer games. Every game which is part of Anthology will feature a new story with a new horror genre. The only thing which will be keeping them intact will be the Curator. Curator is an enigmatic figure emanating from the same piece of cloth, from which Rod Serling emanated in the movie Twilight Zone. There are also chances of connections could be of the Crypt Keeper in tales from the Crypt.

The Supermassive games have always focused on the fact that it always treats each game as an individual product. Not like those with the Telltale episodic games which are all a part of the same shell program. When asking about the frequency of the release of game Samuels told that the aim is to release at speed of two games per year. So if you look at the calculations we have plenty of work going on in the studio.

Each game will be having its own set of teams for different works like direction, screenplay ad writers. Also, the developer teams will be different which allows them to focus on multiple projects at a single time. While every Dark Pictures game opts for different genre of horror, the game made will be fairly static.

2 Games a year, quite a statement by Dark Pictures:

The Dark Pictures Anthology is planning for 8 games

Dark picture games always focus on the fact that the game should always be narrative focused and also choice based. The game is incorporated with the dialogue choices and quick time events driving the action on the screen. Samuels explained that the same mechanics will be used and there are no plans to introduce anything else.

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