Dark Season 2: Spoilers and Reviews

Non spoiler review of Dark Season 2

Dark Season 2 could not be apprehended if you are not familiar with its first season. Dark Season 2 has gotten even more mysterious and addicting than the previous season. However, it’s understanding is based solely on the foundation of season 1.

Dark season 2 is heavily linked with its first season

Non spoiler review of Dark Season 2

Dark season 2 is now streaming on Netflix
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Dark is a sci-fi series originally of a German-language. The series is co-created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar. The second season had catapult all the drama to another level. One will find more murders coated in affairs and surprise ancestors coupled with more time-travel.

The series has directly jumped into an entirely new timeline and is in for all creepy murderous things. It looks like the show has jumped head first into the Autobahn and did not try to take a slow tour into it. Not allowing the viewers to take their time to get used to the new and heightened things.

The time jumps in the initial episodes are marked with text, however, as you dig deeper into the series they become scanty. Leaving the audience to figure out things on their own.

What all is new in this season

Jonas Kahnwald, the high school student became a part of the series because of his friend’s younger sibling Mikkel. In season 2 finds him travelling into a future that is bleak. The tragic hero turns out to be resourceful and generous. He keeps other people before him, and this trait of his has definitely won him many hearts.

Non spoiler review of Dark Season 2

Dark season 2 is full of mystery and murder
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In Dark time-travel can take place in the increments of specifically 33 years. The reason being the wormhole activation theory. The wormhole is activated only when the moon and sun are aligned. Which occurs once in every 33 years. Season 1 took place in the year 2019 and people travelled back to 1986 as well as to 1953.

However, Winden was not been on a standstill en route the seasons. Even a new time period might make its introduction in this season.

So all the new spice and mystery that Dark season 2 provides will be enough to keep you glued to your seat.

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