David Attenborough new BBC documentary: the breath-taking first trailer

David Attenborough
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Our favourite natural historian David Attenborough has returned with a new BBC documentary. It is called Seven Worlds, One Planet. However, he had already revealed about the series during his surprise stage appearance at the Glastonbury Festival.

David Attenborough’s past works

David Frederick Attenborough is a popular English broadcaster. He is best known for presenting in TV documentaries like Blue Planet II, Dynasties, Planet Earth II, Life on Earth and more.

Apart from that, he is the has served as a former senior manager at the BBC. Besides, he was the director of programming in the 1960s and 1970s for BBC TV. Also, he has won BAFTA awards for his documentaries in black and white, HD, Color, 4K, and 3D.

Details about Seven Worlds, One Planet

The new documentary called Seven Worlds, One Planet features to biggest collaboration between the legendary Hans Zimmer and the iconic Sia. Plus, the new show will take the audience on the journey all over the globe.

Besides, it will display how each and every continent has shaped the lives of animals. From journey to the deepest parts of Africa to travelling in the waters of Antarctica, Attenborough will guide the viewers through wildlife at its extreme.

Besides, the 7-part series will also showcase the real challenges faced by animals in this world dominated by humans.

Seven Worlds, One Planet Trailer

Attenborough gave a surprise appearance and revealed about debut the trailer for the new documentary series Seven Worlds, One Planet. You can watch the first trailer by clicking on the link below.

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