David, Victoria Beckham Divorce Rumors: $1.2 Billion Divorce for the couple?


Last year, a source claimed David Beckham and Victoria Beckham were headed towards a tensed divorce and nasty custody battle. A reputed source checked the claim and found it completely made up. Since the couple are together.

Victoria and David’s legendary custody battle

Around this time last year, a tabloid claimed that Victoria and David were heading towards a divorce and nasty custody battle. The tabloid stated that David wanted to permanently move to Florida but Victoria was refusing to leave London.

The source claimed this is the main reason, the former Spicy Girl had “begun carving out a new life away from David by having her legal team work on splitting the couple’s assets.”

A source claimed Victoria is feeling uncomfortable by David’s decision to move to the United States.

The source added Victoria’s legal team was “insisting that as long as she continues to play ball and do everything by the book to build a strong case, David will regret the day he even hinted at taking the kids from her.”

When the claim come out, the reputed source checked it and declared it completely untrue.

Real truth behind Victoria and David’s relationship

This isn’t the first time the sources had claimed wrong things about their relationship. Recently, a reputed source busted the claim that David and Victoria are ending their relationship.

The tabloid asserted the spouses were having struggles in their marriage but it was David who was “fed up” with putting on an act. But this claim was completely untrue.

The sources even declared David was spotted with Chloe Grace Moretz having drinks at a bar. Moretz, who used to date their son, Brooklyn. The reputed source busted the claim and debunked the claim.

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