DayZ is finally releasing on PS4 after five long years

DayZ is finally releasing in PS4 after five years

So, it’s better late than never. After a wait of almost 5 years, the DayZ is finally up for play. However, the game is released for the PlayStation 4 while a sneak peeks was a flashback in 2014. From an announcement by Sony, as they confirmed the launch date for May 29. And more details about the game will be described through a stream on the Twitch TV.

DayZ gameplay has exciting environment modules

The survival game features around an authentic open-world game. Along with the 60 players on a single server, players need to survive by any means with limited supply. However, the game is not detailed to carry any means of hints or guidance that can help.

Though, every decision made by players without any further save or no bonus lives will help. Even a wrong decision can lead the player for the lethal outcome and then you have to start over.

DayZ is finally releasing in PS4 after five years


DayZ developer Bohemia also explains how decisions can also be lethal. However, the game is more precise in scavenging for supplies and roaming freely in the open world. Players who become hostile or struggle through harsh weather can also experience real emotions.

Other exciting features and expectancy

In addition, DayZ commuters can also make friends or buck up with two along with the map. Therefore, making friends can also lead to trading which can be better your chances of survival. The game will also include environmental dangers like infections or zombies, animals and compelling weathers.

Further, about the game settings, it is actually based on a fictional place called Chernarus. This place was basically a part of the Soviet Union, however, an infection spread in the area and the place uplifts on survival. While survivors’ wanders over resources and humanity move towards destruction.

DayZ is finally releasing in PS4 after five years


The 225 kilometre Square area surprises the players for the launch. The game released on Xbox primarily in 2018 but the response was not that exciting. Thus many responded that the game lacked the feeling of strong bone despite being developed nearly for five years.

For now, the developers are expecting with the release on PS4, it can be as huge as they wanted it to be. DayZ is available at a price of £39.99.

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