DC Birds of Prey major Leaks and Spoilers Ahead

DC Birds of Prey major plot leaks!

With DC looking forward to other character portrayals than ‘The Trinity’, ‘Joker’ and ‘Birds of Prey’ are the next films in the bag. With Joker releasing this October, Birds of Prey is scheduled for 2020.

Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) is an upcoming DC featurette with an amazing cast and villain. Evan McGregor plays an antagonist in the movie. There are other villains too, but this is an all-women-superhero movie.

Plot Leaks

There are various versions of this plot leak, our team has gathered the most of the bits and put them together.

The Legendary couple of DCEU will split up, i.e Harley Quinn and Joker. After this break-up, a new team will be formed to work against the new crime lord of Gotham, ‘The Black Mask’.

DC's Birds of Prey major plot leaks!

Reports are that Evan McGregor’s portrayal of the character is ‘Gay’. Thus making it the first time in Hollywoods history a villain will be homosexual. There will be a case of ‘Sexual tension’ between The Black Mask and Victor Zsasz. Zsasz is another villain in DC comics, with extreme flexibility and no-remorse emotions he is an outstanding villain.

Moreover, it is reported that ‘Black Canary’ (Played by Jurnee-Bell) is a retired superhero. She will come back to fight off against Black Mask. Moreover, the story includes ‘The Huntress’ who steals a diamond by gulping it down. The diamond contains ‘Nude-pictures’ of Black Mask and thus he tries to kill her and take the diamond.


Reports go as far as saying that ‘He is probably the best villain ever portrayed by anyone in superhero movie’. This is, however, a bold statement.

The cast includes,

  • Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn
  • Evan McGregor as Black Mask
  • Marie Elizabeth Winstead as ‘Huntress’
  • Rosie Perez as Renee
  • Chris Messina as Victor Zsasz and
  • Ella Jay Basco as The best martial artist in DC comics ‘Cassandra Cain’.

DC's Birds of Prey major plot leaks!

With Heath Ledger as Joker and Josh Brolin as Thanos, we already have two best villains in the world. Moreover, there are many anti-heroes too who have portrayed legendary characters.

Other studios have tried including the character of the LGBTQ community. However, this was only short-termed. With a 3-5 second role of a gay character in Endgame and similarly in Beauty and the Beast.

This is a major achievement for DC comics as it will motivate other studios to include and empower such characters.

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