DC Universe is rumored to be planning a Swamp Thing movie

DC Universe is rumored to be planning a Swamp Thing movie

Once again the market of rumours in getting hot. This time because of Swamp Thing. Hearing its name once again might make many hearts ache. Many people would even want to hurl a stream of profanities on Warner Bros. However, don’t be upset mates for DC Universe is rumoured to be planning a movie about Swamp Thing.

The unfinished series might turn into a movie

The cancellation of Swamp Thing after just one episode came as a shock for many. Warner Bros. officially cancelled the series after airing its first episode. The reason was stated as an unfortunate miscalculation of a tax break.

DC Universe’s Swamp Thing has received excellent reviews so far, but it inevitably came to an end.  However, this might not be the end of Swamp Thing for DC Universe might be planning to make it live on another medium.

Bloody Disgusting has sort of confirmed the rumours of Warner Bros. planning to develop Swamp Thing movie. James Wan name is already on the list if certain rumours are trusted. However, the story-writing of the most anticipated film is suspected to take place from scratch.

Swamp Thing movie might actually take place


Yes, it won’t be a film screening what the series was unable to show. The story of Swamp Thing series is lost forever now I guess. However, this is not the first venture of Swamp Things on the big screen. In the year 1982, Wes Craven directed a film featuring the characters.

The original series was starred by Crystal Reed, Maria Sten, Will Patton and Henderson Wade. Virginia Madsen and Jeryl Prescott are two other celebrities that were present in the series. The series premiered on 31st May 2019 but unfortunately ended in June.

Let’s hope and pray that this rumour soon gets cemented into reality and DC Universe fans are revived of the excruciating pain.

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