‘Death’ follows Titans Season 2, Crew member found dead

Warren Appleby death Titans Season 2 cancelled

Titans Season 2 has come to a halt. This event happened as a repercussion to the death of a fellow crew member.

The deceased was named ‘Warren Appleby’ and was a co-ordinator in special effects on the set of Action-Drama-Fantasy Titans. He was killed because of an accident at the special effects shop. The incident happened during the filming of a ‘Car Stunt scene’.

During the scene, an item from the car broke apart being the cause of the accident. Titans Season 2 shooting has currently stopped and there are no signs of revival.

Warren Appleby death Titans Season 2

Reports say that It will start shooting after two days. Warner Bros. commented on the sudden accident on the set,

“We are heartbroken and devastated by the passing of our treasured colleague, special effects coordinator Warren Appleby”

This statement was released by Warner Bros in addition with DC universe TV services. Warren Appleby was an amazing coordinator. Before Titans S2 he was involved in other works like KillJoys and The Strain.

The Season 1 was a blast for DC TV series fans. Season 1 was highly appreciated and had amazing reviews even before the official release. DC confirmed season 2 during season 1 itself. Other DC TV series were cancelled (Swamp Thing), unlike Titans. Titans showcasing the dark side of DC has grown a big fan base in itself.

The recent news of crew worker dying has affected the team too much. To honour his death whole working on the season has stopped. Titans S2 was set to make a worldwide premiere on fall of 2019.

'Death' follows Titans Season 2, Crew member found dead.

DC also released an official poster for Titans before San Diego Comic-Con. Further news is expected from DC on Saturday.

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