Death Stranding Box Art revealed and it’s incredulous

death stranding box art

The Death Stranding Box Art is finally revealed, and it stands a class apart. Hideo Kojima handled the stage at San Diego Comic-con to show not only the box art. It was something more than the box art but also a couple of useful information about one of the characters. The information which grabbed everyone’s attention at the comic-con was the revelation of a character who dies every 21 minutes.

Death Stranding is Quite an Irony

Death Stranding Box Art revealed and it's incredulous

We also came to know about the character Heartman. Nicolas Winding Refn is playing the role of Heartman from the last trailer of the game. It has also come to terms that the character is an interesting one.

Heartman is the character who dies every 21 minutes. He also has the virtue of spending three minutes on the other side, searching for his acquaintances until a device resurrects him.

Taking everything as per the announcements it gives a result in which Heartman dies 60 times a day. The fact is something which is hilarious and also seems something which will be worth watching in the game. We don’t know how the overall game will fare out to be, but it will be worthwhile.

Death Stranding Box Art: Will Refn do justice to the role?

Death Stranding Box Art revealed and it's incredulous

We don’t know about how Refn will play in the overall story, but it’s Refn communicated to Kojima that he should try contacting Keanu Reeves for the role. But Kojima did not want any alterations, so he went with his inner instincts and original choice. Death Stranding is releasing exclusively for Play Station 4. The game’s release date is November 8th. So mark your calendars for the eventful day.

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