Meteor Shower to streak across the sky on Monday; When and how to watch

Catch a glimpse of meteor shower tonight!
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An annual Delta Aquariids 2019 meteor shower is almost on its way. Are you ready to see the dazzling show on Monday night? We live in such a mysterious and world that has so much to offer, but we hardly appreciate it! But you now have the chance to watch meteor with your loved ones.

Witness the 2019 meteor shower with your family and friends

All eyes will soon be set in the sky on July 29 when the night sky will feature a stunning show of meteor shower. As per the sources, it will shoot up to 20 flamings sky per hour in the Southern Hemisphere. The American Meteor Society stated that two more meteor showers would be seen on this Monday night.

The Southern delta Aquariids are most probably about to bring 16 meteor showers. They have been active from July 12 to Aug. 23. On the other hand, the Alpha Capricornids are active from July 3 to Aug. 15. However, they only bring around five to six meteors per hour.

But this Monday night, the Alpha Capricornids and the Southern delta Aquariids is expected to be at a peak. Altogether, you will be able to see a beautiful night show containing 21 meteors per hour. Also, the Perseids are active from July 17 to August 26, but it will be seen after August 12.

Things you will need on Monday night

Plan a camping trip with your family on this annual Delta Aquariids 2019.


Tonight, get ready to see a meteor shower with your naked eyes. You don’t need binoculars, telescope or a high mountain to enjoy the night. You can invite your friends to enjoy the “star gazing” party on your terrace or backyard.

But there are some essential things you might need to keep you warm. Grab an alarm clock to wake you up at the right time, a coffee thermos, a warm sleeping bag for you and your friends, and some snacks. Now, you have everything that you need; you can lie down and enjoy a great show of meteor shower.

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