Density 2 Season 8 gameplay and details unveiled by Bungie

Density 2 season 8: details unveiled by Bungie

All gamers and players be ready for Density 2 season 8 is coming to give you a hard time once again. The Lumina exotic quest has ensnared many Density 2 players. Making them miss the opportunity to witness Bungie reveal in veiled-sentences what the coming-up Shadowkeep has in hold for them? However, fellow players don’t be scared we are here to help you out!!

Bungie revealed what Density 2 season 8 holds for us!!

Density 2 season 8: details unveiled by Bungie

Road map of old season
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Bungie attended the GuardianCon, the yearly gaming convention held in Florida. While Bungie was en route of its stay there it took the opportunity to reveal about ShadowKeep-expansion. It even disclosed details regarding the season launching in September alongside Shadowkeep.

Undying’s recently dubbed season was engulfed by mystery and suspense for players. Speculations said that this season might be about new shadow enemies present on Moon. However, it had been revealed that the main focus of the season would be Vex. As they strive tirelessly to invade the solar system.

ShadowKeeps appear to have a double base for the storyline that will run season 8. However, the main focus will always remain on Eric Morn as well as on shadows invasion of Moon. Density 2 season 8 will land players in their familiar location.

Gamers be ready the new challenge of Density 2 is coming your way!!

Density 2 season 8: details unveiled by Bungie

Season 8 is coming soon
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Players aim is to cleanse the darkness that has made its hold close to earth. One of the things that still remains a secret is the Ves’s purpose of invasion. Bungie had announced that Vex shall invade the solar system for unknown purpose. Forcing players to join hands so as to defeat the undying foe.

Bungie acted smartly only revealing enough that would further drive fans mad!!! Moon patrol zone’s new images were also revealed at the GuardianCon by Bungie. The images definitely looked tempting, promising several re-imagined Patrol Zones to venture.

While many parts were recognizable for Density players, the fact that it has new areas cannot be denied. The Moon has changed a lot for Density 2. However old Density players might get advantage of their preoccupied knowledge in some cases.

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