Denver Nuggets to buy Andre Iguodala from Memphis

Denver Nuggets to buy Andre Iguodala from Memphis

Through a source of the New York Times, Denver Nuggets will hopefully pursue the legendary Andre Iguodala. After getting dumped by the Warriors the fate of Iguodala still lies in his own hands.

Denver Nuggets to buy Andre Iguodala from Memphis

Iguodala was moving to Memphis Grizzlies, but Nuggets have shown interest in trading him. Warriors strategically played and dumped Andre to make space for D’Angelo Russell. They signed and traded him with Kevin Durant.

Iguodala’s stats are pretty impressive, his career is still in shape and he can be of a good resource to Denver Nuggets.

Andre Iguodala FactFile

  • Average Points – 5.7
  • Average Rebounds – 3.7
  • Assists – 3

These are the facts related to the ‘Regular Season’, However, He raised all of these stats tremendously for the Playoffs. His FactFile that time was:

  • Average Points – 9.8
  • Average Rebounds – 4.3
  • Assists – 4

Denver Nuggets to buy Andre Iguodala from Memphis

As you can see he improved tremendously, to approximate he doubled his performance for the playoffs. Iguodala’s greatest strength lies in his overall performance. Even after being at an age of 35 he plays offensive and defensive gameplay at its best. If we go by ESPN’s rating, he still is in the top 50 NBA players and if we compare his ratings to that of Nugget’s players he comes on top 3 spots.

Thus, Andre still proves his worth to Nuggets. However, if Denver Nuggets had to invest huge amount they should go for the new superstar Ben Simmons.

Nuggets still have a good team and a good bench too. With players like Barton, Craig and Milsap the team is still strong. However, due to injuries, the team is still vulnerable and after Andre joining the team they will be relieved as he played for Warriors who topped NBA for 5 straight years.

However, the struggle still doesn’t end. Many other teams are also opting for Iguodala due to his experience. Teams like Lakers and the ‘Clippers’ are also favouring him over other trades so it will be a tough one for Denver.

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