Destroy All Humans Collector Edition is here!

destroy all humans collector edition

Its been a really long time since the launch of the original Destroy All Humans game. The game made its way through on PS2, Xbox and Xbox One way back in 2005.

THQ Nordic is all set to release the remake of the game sometime next year.

Destroy All Humans Collector Edition

That being said, the name of the game gives it all away. An alien named Crypto comes on Earth to invade our beloved planet and kill every human on sight.

Destroy All Humans game

The cherry on the cake? You can harvest the DNA of every game you kill and take on the American government itself. If you are like me who can’t seem to wait to get their hands dirty on the remake, rejoice!

Crypto 137 Collector Edition

THQ Nordic, the publisher responsible for the remake, has released a collectors edition called “Destroy All Humans! Crypto-137 Edition ” which includes a physical copy of the game and an iconic statue of the infamous alien Crypto. In the package, there is also a Crypto backpack you can as an actual backpack.

The dimensions of the backpack are still unclear but it is said that its huge enough to cover up an adult till the waist. The signature big alien head comes along with the backpack. A zipper on Crypto’s back allows you to store things.

Apart from the backpack and the physical copy, the collector’s edition also comes a 60 cm tall figure with Crypto holding Earth and a gun in his hand, a stress toy with big eyes, six art pieces, a keychain depicting crypto’s head, a special box and even in-game skins of the alien.

The Crypto-137 Edition will cost you a whopping $399.99 and is available exclusively on Amazon.

What do you think of Destroy All Humans Crypto 137 Edition? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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