Destroy All Humans from THQ is a part of E3 2019 – Rumors

Destroy All Humans from THQ is a part of E3 2019 – Rumors

 Leaks are everywhere just like E3 2019 season is almost here. However, some leaks are true while some are fake. So, until the E3 arrives and blows away everything for 3 days we won’t be able to know the real facts. Therefore, another leak is moving around with the THQ  “Destroy All Humans” along with Darksiders: Genesis.

How THQ Destroy All Humans appeared in leaks?

However, the leak got focused when the company did planning for 8chan AMA. A user named THQN_Reinhard published a screenshot on the social network Twitter and the same was later posted by Afro_Gear. The things came into the limelight while the THQ made some comments and the leaks got some legitimacy.

For the people who don’t know much the earlier released game Destroy All Humans in 2005. The game is an action-adventure parody sequel based on the alien invasion during the cold era.

Cryptosporidium 137 the lead character who invades Earth to get the human DNAs. He belongs to a group of furon race as an alien and wants to clone of its own species.

Destroy All Humans from THQ is a part of E3 2019 – Rumors

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Why it seems the leaks are accurate?

Moreover, fans are taking the leak more seriously due to a comment made by THQ. The company earlier said they would bring “galactically” game franchises in the E3 2019.

This sounds pretty interesting when the word galactically came into existence with the THQ. Just like other games that made appearances in the leaks are not likely to match with the THQ’s Destroy All Humans. So, the possibility of getting a new game or maybe a follow-up of the last sequels is a true hint.

However, the game was pretty interesting among the gamers but it didn’t do well in aspects of sales. They did acquire the position of a cult classic during that generation. Therefore, a sequel or a new category of can make the THQ again a well-known seller.

Regardless of all the leaks and information till now we can deliberately accept that THQ has something for us. Hence, Destroy All Humans and Darksiders: Genesis is on the list, we can know everything at the E3 2019.

Destroy All Humans from THQ is a part of E3 2019 – Rumors

SOURCE: Segment Next

List of games that THQ Nordic has planned to release in E3 2019

  1. Darksiders: Genesis
  2. Cult – classic Destroy All Humans
  3. Monster Jam
  4. Monkey King
  5. Bio mutant


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