Emergency Warning: Massive Tornado strikes Dayton and parts of Ohio

Massive Tornado strikes Dayton and parts of Ohio
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On Monday night, a raging storm accompanied by a tornado was seen hitting Dayton and other parts of Ohio. Emergency Warnings have been issued and people are requested to stay off the roads for a while due to damage.

Emergency Warning issued in Dayton, Ohio

 Massive Tornado strikes Dayton and parts of Ohio


Various parts of Ohio were under storm emergency as a large tornado struck on May 27. The other surrounding communities were also under a great threat from the tornado. Apart from that, more than a thousand homes faced a shortage of power supply in Mercer, Montgomery County, and Miami.

Also, the funnel cloud was seen and followed by storm chaser Blake Naftel. The National Weather Service (NWS) stated that the tornado made a deadly situation for the people when it struck the populated areas. Besides, it has been reported that many people are injured. However, nobody knows the extent or number of injuries.

Some people stated that they were more focused on life-saving measures like finding people who were trapped under debris. Some people were also busy in shutting down gas stations. Saving others was their main priority.

The storm has caused huge damage to public properties and homes. It has also ravaged trees in several communities of Ohio. As per the reports, the New Life Worship Center was completely destroyed.

Even the roads and streets are in shambles. Now, the government of Dayton is requesting the citizens to save water. Sadly, people living in remote areas of home park Northridge will have to live without electricity for more than a week.

Montgomery County Sheriff Rob Streck stated that he has never seen such storm causing so much damage in his entire career. The city of Dayton has declared schools to be closed due to the damage. Moreover, people can seek shelters in their areas.

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