Devil May Cry: Price and Size revealed, launch for Switch next week

Price and size revealed for Devil May Cry, launches for switch next week.

Devil May Cry is one of the most loved series by gamers all around the world. Devil May Cry 5 – what’s being considered to be the first true sequel in the hack-and-slash series for over a decade.  Except, it’s sort of a sequel to Devil May Cry 2 due to some time-jumping plot elements, we think based on what we’ve seen so far.

Devil May Cry 5, after months of teasing from director Hideaki Itsuno, was finally revealed during Microsoft’s press conference at E3 2018.

Storyline: Devil May Cry

The fifth core entry into the Devil May Cry series, DMC 5 introduces a new mystery man, ‘V’. He’s tasked returning heroes Dante and Nero with taking out a tremendous new enemy that threatens the world and is laying waste to the London-like Red Grave City.

Where the action will take us beyond that point remains a mystery, but you will get to play as Dante, Nero and V throughout the course of the adventure, with Nico acting as your upgrade repository.


A listing for DMC has been added to the Switch eShop in Europe and Australia. DMC will be available for Switch on June 25(west) and June 27(Japan).

  • It will be digital only.
  • Price: 1990 Yen in Japan and $29.95 in Australia
  • Memory Requirements: 9.2GB of free space
  • Languages supported:  English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Chinese.

Price and size revealed for Devil May Cry, launches for switch next week.

The game has courted some controversy over the decision to include in-game purchases. You’ll be able to spend real-world money to buy in-game orbs, used to upgrade the game’s characters.

However, Capcom has stressed that this doesn’t affect the game’s natural progression system. It also has an inbuilt cameo system and cutting edge graphics.

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