The Legendary Diablo is now available for free, all you need is your browser

Diablo is now available to play for free in your web browser

Remember the 1996 game, Diablo? Diablo game landed on Windows PC, Mac OS, and PlayStation in the 1990s. The developers also launched a sequel by the name Diablo II. However, the developer made more money with the selling of copies of the Diablo’s sequels, i.e., Diablo II and III. So, what makes the game in news today is that Diablo browser version.

The game comes with all the bugs that the original PC version of the game had. Also, it has the same badly written code because the browser version has the reconstructed code of the game.

The game is a shareware version. Thus, it only lets the player access one of its three characters. Therefore, you cannot access the full characters of the game. This can be listed as one of the limitations of the browser version.

How was the game made?

The game comes from an idea of a Diablo fan. The programmer GalaXyHaXz teamed up with several more developers for the project.

Diablo browser version is now available for free now!

Diablo Browser Version: Running in Firefox (Source: Kotaku)

The team Devilution has kept every code of the game preserved so that the game is what it was initially designed. The team has told about the whole making process on GitHub. They used Rivsoft to make the game available on the browser.

How to play the Diablo browser version?

  • To play the browser version of the game, head over to the website- Diablo.Rivsoft.Net.
  • If you have Diablo’s actual copy that costs $10 on GOG, so you can drag and drop the .mpq file from the game’s folder to begin playing the browser version Diablo.
  • Otherwise, you can download the shareware version of the game from the link on the website. And, then play the game.

Thus, there are many advantages to playing the browser game. Just keep Alt+F4 key ready. For more updates, keep following The Geek Herald!

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