Disney is offering an incredible streaming bundle for Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+

Disney offers $12.99 streaming bundle for Disney+,Hulu & ESPN+

Disney is making headlines again. Many of the digital series’ lover suffer because they can’t get those expensive Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions. Or they either depend to lend the subscription from their friends.

And if this is the case with you also, then this bundle is definitely for you. Because Disney is offering a streaming bundle for Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ for just $12.99.

Disney announces its streaming bundle

Disney offers $12.99 streaming bundle for Disney+,Hulu & ESPN+

Disney announces the new streaming bundle (Source: The Verge)

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced the new streaming bundle during the company’s investor calls. If we look at the separate subscription prices, Hulu costs $5.99 per month with ads, and ESPN+ is priced at $4.99 without adds. Thus, Disney’s deal is worth paying attention to.

And the bundle offered costs less or at par with the subscription costs of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Disney’s future goals

Disney offers $12.99 streaming bundle for Disney+,Hulu & ESPN+

Disney+ (Source: iDownloadBlog)

With Disney moving forward and investing more in its digital services, the entertainment provider has the following goals:

  • According to the latest reports, Disney is also planning to include Amazon, Apple, and other distributors for their streaming services.
  • Disney further aims to provide a lot of content in the areas of sports, family, and general entertainment.
  • Also with this bundle, they want their consumers to dive into the digital space. Because many of the people often get confused when they have to opt one or two streaming services for the subscription.
  • Thus, Disney’s $12.99 bundle is a value for money as it offers tremendous quality, volume, and variety altogether.

What Bob Iger says

According to Iger, the bundle is the most important product that the company has launched under his leadership. He also said that they have got an overwhelming and positive response for their direct consumer strategy. And thus, this streaming bundle is their next initiative for their consumers.

Thus, now you don’t need to wait for someone to share the subscription. All you need is the only Disney’s streaming bundle to watch your favorite shows. For more updates, keep watching this space!

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