Disney+ to launch in November with Subscription Cost that you won’t believe


Disney is to launch Disney+ in the United States on the 12th of November this year. However, this will cost $6.99 per month as per the announcement of the company.

The subscription VOD successfully represents the biggest and the most aggressive attempts of Disney. However, their biggest achievement is to step into the world of online streaming videos.

Company’s claim:

This pricing is nicely in order to claim a perfect competition with Netflix. The mouse house is claiming that it will be perfectly able to grab a hold on a concrete customer base. Undeniably, the company also says that a good customer base will be ready in a very few moments of time.

The launch of Disney+ is in November

Shows that Disney+ will be offering.

The company announced all the detailed information like those of the price, launch date and other things on Thursday. They announced it on the Investor day of Disney at Burbank. Some of the content that it will house are TV shows, movies, Marvel shows, Disney brands, Star Wars and Pixar.

Disney’s statement:

An analyst asked the chairman about the reason behind the price being fixing of the plans at $6.99.  The chairman of Disney Company and CEO Bob replied to this. They also said that this is the first ever attempt of the company in this genre.

The launch of Disney+ is in November

Disney+ subscription Rates

The company will put every possible effort to thrive in the mark and expand to reach to a huge mass. Like the other online streaming sites, annual plans are also available. The company is confident of the gross generation. Besides, they have plans to offer the viewers with the bundle of discount as a marketing strategy.

Within a period of two years, Disney+ is expecting to have a reach all over the world. The company has decided to launch it first in North America and then western countries will be the target. In this fierce competition, the company will claim dynamic participation.

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