Disney+ will have all the 30 seasons of Simpsons at launch

Disney+ will have all the 30 seasons of Simpsons at launch

Disney is now all set to take part in the rat race competition of the online video streaming.  The Simpsons are officially coming to the Disney + with all the thirty seasons of it available on the first day. This was announced with a short video featured. Here the homer says that they are proud to be added to the Disney.

The Mouse house is putting all the possible efforts to make it a dynamic entry in the field that is all new.

The World of Simpsons

The Simpsons is a world-famous show and that can be streamed by the application named Simpsons World App. This was launched by FX in the year 2014. The latest episodes can be found in Hulu. But the Disney + will have hundreds of shows streaming. There are various types of shows which is available in the Disney +.

Disney+ will have all the 30 seasons of Simpsons at launch

Simpsons to air on Disney+

Claims of Disney+

Disney+ claims that it will have a concrete customer base very soon after the release of the application. This has been one of the most arrogant and reactive moves of Disney. The fans are waiting for Disney+ as it will house many types of shows.

The subscription schemes are also quite feasible when put into comparison with any other types of an online streaming site like those of Netflix. The Simpson’s team is also thrilled to appear in the Disney creation of the world of the online streaming site.

Moreover, the Disney banner is enough for the show. The platform will be large and grand enough and the offers planned by the Disney + team will definitely attract viewers in a mass. Fans are eagerly waiting for the launch of the online video streaming site of Disney so that they can meet with their entertainment needs.

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