Disneyland: Get ready for the new Marvel Land’s opening in 2020

Marvel & Disneyland to give immersive new age momentum park

Disneyland has not disclosed to assemble Avengers in a theme park based at Hong Kong, Paris & California. I lied! A great success of Avengers Endgame and MCU has better plans.

Disneyland is assembling superheroes at these 3 locations, to make them even more heroic and adventurous thrilling park. The areas could be the next big shot for Marvel fans. Disneyland released a teaser for recruiting inmates in 2020.

Disneyland: What will be new?

The Guardians of the Galaxy along with Spider-Man will join the Avenger crew. This makeover will be a completely gigantic universe in Disneyland, California.

Marvel & Disneyland to give immersive new age momentum park.

The Disneyland Paris expansion held this year, with an image shift of Walt Disney Studios. This shift will take place with Iron Man and other Avengers in 2020.

The Disneyland Paris will host “Marvel Summer of Superheroes” where Marvel heroes take the stage with Cinematic projection and special effects.

The Hong Kong Disneyland is already famous from 2017 for Iron Man experience. And this new team-up will add more great experience including the Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Truth or lie: Let’s wait

There are more rumours than the official results. Some unofficial claims are that there would be two projects. One would open around 2020 and the other afterwards.

Marvel & Disneyland to give immersive new age momentum park.

The project would give many rides such as Spiderman ride, Doctor Strange meet area and roller coaster. This great project would not be called as “Marvel Land’ but will centralize around famous Avengers.

Disney signed the contract and purchased Marvel with cash and others in stocks. But it failed to acquire the Spiderman and X-men which was previously dealt with Sony and Fox properties.

For this reason, Disney wasn’t able to use names related to Marvel at Walt Disney. Disney contracted along with Sony to use Spider-man in Avenger’s movies. However, Sony is responsible for distribution. For now, Disney has plans to open super-hero themed park at Disneyland California coming years.

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