DIY houses now available on Amazon!

Amazon DIY house

Amazon has now thought of a new business idea. DIY House, these are small and affordable homes which can be constructed in just a couple of days. They are tiny houses with build-it-yourself home kits.

Everyone dreams to have a miniature home, we want to set up our home anywhere, don’t worry Amazon has got your back. With DIY kits ranging from 5000$ to more than 50,000$. Now you can have your house anytime, anywhere.

The size of the 5000$ house is just 100 and 400 sq. feet. Such miniature homes a trend nowadays and everyone thrives for them. There are more than 20 options available on Amazon for such building kits.

DIY houses now available on Amazon!

Amazon DIY House Setup

Amazon has claimed that these houses are very easy to build and you won’t require any heavy works. Also, they specified that ‘Minimum tools’ are required for building them and you don’t need to create a fuss. Moreover, they also come with a manual on ‘How to Build’ it correctly and in a short span.

Despite the claim by Amazon, it is a fact that you will need more help and also some basic knowledge. Moreover, the lack of a solid foundation also poses a threat to Homes.

DIY houses now available on Amazon!

Amazon still suggests, that two people can easily set up the home in just two days. Also, the addition of utility hook-ups can convert the ‘Home’ into a Permanent ‘Residence’.

Still, some problem pertains. The lack of electricity and water in the Home make it difficult to just Set up in two days. Moreover, the lack of electricity would also make the users uncomfortable. However, the addition of windows in each room would make up for electricity and light.

There are all sizes available in all different utilities and price. Do check them here at Amazon.

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