Windows 10 Update: A New Worm Attack similar to BlueKeep and WannaCry circulating

Do install Windows 10 August update to secure your PC

Microsoft Windows 10 update and monthly patch rolled out on Tuesday of this week, and you should update it as soon as possible. This August update includes patches for four serious wormable security exploits.

The exploit lets the attacker spread malware with inaction. The exploits are similar to the BlueKeep vulnerability and WannaCry that forced Microsoft to release post death patch for Windows-XP.

Windows 10 hit by another threat

Do install Windows 10 August update to secure your PC

This type of vulnerability is pre-authentication and doesn’t require any user interaction. The four vulnerabilities listed by Microsoft are CVE-2019-1182, CVE-2019-1181, CVE-2019-122, and CVE-2019-1222.

An attacker who can successfully exploit this can easily execute arbitrary codes on the target system. An attacker with this access can easily install intended programs, change, view, delete data and create new user accounts with full access.

This threat certainly sounds terrifying, but no need to panic, as the remote desktop services protocol, is denied by default. This makes the home users a little safe. Unlike the BlueBeep, however, this latest RDS has problematic effects on Windows 10. Simply by installing the new updates the security hole is closed.

How to update and install the patch

Do install Windows 10 August update to secure your PC

Your PC might have done this automatically but you should be double sure with this. You can do this by going to Windows 10 Update settings and check for updates scenario. While you are busy with all these you should also check that Remote desktop is off. Microsoft has to roll out the updates to strengthen the OS against exploits several times in 2019.

So there’s no reason to expose your PC to risk. Search for remote access and allow remote access to your computer in the options available. In the system, popups ensure to Allow Remote Connections to the computer is unmarked and eventually click OK. Finally, while Windows 10 provides the best security than its predecessors Operating system it is still not enough in this hyper-connected world. It still has to go a long way in becoming better in terms of security.


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